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Class Timetable Explanation

The semester class timetable is produced by the Scheduling Office in the Academic Registry Division.  Any queries on the timetable please email scheduling@ul.ie

Timetables can be accessed by logging on to www.timetable.ul.ie. Log in with student ID and network password.

Year One Students - Autumn Semester

  • You will have access to a Course Timetable "First Year Timetable - Lectures Only" (containing lectures only) during weeks one and two of Autumn semester.
  • Personalised Timetables containing the tutorial and laboratory sessions you are assigned to will be available at the end of week two (Friday after 5pm).

All Other Students

  • You will have access to your personalised timetable at least one week before returning to the University, at www.timetable.ul.ie, using your student ID and network password.

Timetable example

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

09.00am to 10.00am
WS4004 - LEC
Wks 1 - 6

09.00am to 10.00am
PS4032 - LAB - 2A
Wks 1 - 6

09.00am to 10.00am
PS4032 - TUT - 3D

WS4004= module code
LEC = Lecture
D1050 = building and room
Wks 1-6 = runs from week 1 - 6

PS4032 = module code
LAB = Laboratory
2A = Lab Group A
Wks 1-6 = runs from week 1 - 6

PS4032 = module code
TUT = Tutorial
3D = Tutorial Group D
A1089 = building and room
Wks: 2-12 = runs from weeks 2-12


Tutorials and Laboratories are divided into groups. "2" is used for Labs and "3" is used for Tutorials, for example 2A is Lab Group A, 2B is Lab Group B and 3A is Tutorial Group A, 3B is Tutorial Group B.


Click here to download location of Lecturer theatres and classrooms plus campus map