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Class Timetable Explanation

Class timetables are produced by the Student Academic Administration Office.  Any queries on the timetable please email

Timetables can be accessed by logging on to

New incoming students

  • You will be issued with Course Timetables (containing lectures only) during the Orientation session.
  • Personalised Timetables containing the tutorial and laboratory sessions are only available from week three

Progressing students

  • Will have access to their timetables in the week before returning to University.

Timetable example

Monday Tuesday Wednesday

09.00am to 10.00am
WS4004 - LEC
Wks 1 - 6

09.00am to 10.00am
PS4032 - LAB - 2A
Wks 1 - 6

09.00am to 10.00am
PS4032 - TUT - 3D

WS4004= module code
LEC = Lecture
D1050 = building and room
Wks 1-6 = runs from week 1 - 6

PS4032 = module code
LAB = Laboratory
2A = Lab Group A
Wks 1-6 = runs from week 1 - 6

PS4032 = module code
TUT = Tutorial
3D = Tutorial Group D
A1089 = building and room
Wks: 2-12 = runs from weeks 2-12

Tutorials and Laboratories are divided into groups. "2" is used for Labs and "3" is used for Tutorials, for example 2A is Lab Group A, 2B is Lab Group B and 3A is Tutorial Group A, 3B is Tutorial Group B.

Click here to download location of Lecturer theatres and classrooms plus campus map

1) Main University Entrance  18) Materials and Surface Science Institute
2) East Gate Entrance 19) Sports Building & National Coaching &    Training Centre  
3) Castletroy Park Hotel & Conference Centre 20) Schrödinger Building (SR)
4) Plassey Student Village 21) Grounds/Maintenance Compound
5) International Science Centre 22) University Arena
6) Robert Schuman Building (S) 23) The Sports Club
7) International Business Centre 24) Kilmurry Student Village
8) Computer Science Building (CS) 25) Horticultural Unit
9) Silver Apples Créche 26) Dromroe Student Villiage
10) Glucksman library & Information Services Building 27) Boathouse
11) Foundation Building & University Concert  Hall (F) 28) Kemmy Business School (KBS)
12) Engineering Research Building (ER) 29) Language Building (LC)
13) Main University Building 30) The Living Bridge
14) Plassey House and University Close 31) Irish Chamber Orchestra Building
15) Visitors Information Centre 32) Cappavilla Student Village
16) Students Union, Shops, Banks, Bars 33) Health Sciences Buildings (HS)
17) Kathleen Lonsdale Building (L) 34) Thomond Student Villiage