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Changing Personal Details

Procedure for Change of Personal Details on Student Records System.


Students who wish to change personal details on their UL Student Record can do so by following the following two procedures:

  1. For changes to Home address, mobile number or home email address, students can change by logging into the Student Portal and following this process here
  2. For changes to Name, Gender, Date of Birth or Title, students should complete the Change of Personal Details form which can be downloaded here

Where a Change of Personal Details form is submitted to Academic Registry:

  1. Students should complete the form and bring it, along with the relevant original documents (e.g. passport, birth/marriage/gender recognition certificate, deed poll of name change or other documentation as deemed acceptable by AR staff) to Academic Registry Office. Alternatively, the form, along with formal certified copies can be posted to the AR Office. *** During the current COVID-19 closure, AR will accept the completed form, along with a scan of the relevant document by email and a member of AR staff will contact the student to verify the documents via video call.***
  2. Once the form is submitted, the Student Records Officer will approve the relevant change, including liaising with the Director of Academic Registry where appropriate. Where further information is required, contact will be made with the student if necessary.
  3. Once the change has been approved, the relevant Academic Registry team member will then:
    1. Update the relevant student record
    2. Confirm with the individual by email that the update has been completed.