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Workshops Week 9


The RWC held three workshops last week, 'Writing Your Literature Review', 'Writing Reflectively for Academic Assessment', and a guest workshop authored and facilitated by our research guest Anna Kaim, 'How to use Creative Techniques for Academic Writing'. 

The first workshop, 'Writing Your Literature Review', took place on Tuesday on MS Teams. This workshop looked at the job literature reviews do in research papers, at some of the possible ways that literature reviews take shape and get organised and how they organise the sections/chapters that follow. We had 38 attendees for this session.

The second workshop, 'Writing Reflectively for Academic Assessment', took place on Wednesday on MS Teams. This workshop went through how the reflective essay functions. We had 20 attendees for this session. 

The third and final workshop this week was authored and facilitated by our research guest Anna Kaim and titled 'How to use Creative Techniques for Academic Writing'. It took place both in person in the GAH and online via MS Teams on Thursday. Anna Kaim is a visiting scholar from the City University of Applied Sciences Bremen. She works in the department of Social Work where she promotes feedback situations and writing opportunities to first year students and sets up writing groups for students writing their BA thesis. Anna is also a PhD candidate in Migration Studies at the University of Osnabrück where she researches the overlap between doing difference in school and families. The workshop was aimed at students who want to try something new in their writing and staff who want to bring in new writing techniques into their classrooms. The session has 19 attendees across both modes.

We thank everyone who attended our workshops last week. To those who unfortunately missed out, not to worry! We have recorded versions of all our past workshops on our workshops page right here on our website. Simply click on student resources and click on the workshops page to find all the information you need! 

This is our final week of live workshops for this semester. We want to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up throughout the semester. Lawrence will be running some workshops over the summer so stay tuned for those. Otherwise, we will have more workshops next semester, and we hope to see you there!