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Workshops Week 6


Writing for Academic Assessment: Developing and Organising Arguments

The RWC began our weekly workshops for the semester last week. Lawrence facilitated ‘Writing for Learning and Academic Assessment: Developing and Organising Arguments’ for our Week 6 workshop.

The workshop took place online on MS Teams on Wednesday and Thursday. This session spoke about why it is so difficult to do that and how the argument determines organizational options from which the writer can choose in order to create a more logical, coherent flow to the case they are trying to make in their papers.

We thank everyone who attended the workshop. To those who unfortunately missed out, not to worry! We have recorded versions of all our past workshops on our workshops page right here on our website. Simply click on student resources and click on the workshops page to find all the information you need! 

We also have plenty more where that came from. Our workshops will continue to take place throughout the semester. Keep an eye out for our emails and social media posts for updates on all RWC resources and events!