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Currently the Regional Writing Centre employs postgraduate students with strong writing skills to tutor peers and undergraduates in writing that is specific to their field of study. We recognise that, although some writers are conscious of their writing competency (having a good sense of what constitutes good, competent writing and knowing how to measure it), equally competent writers may not be so aware of what establishes good writing or what measures need to be taken in order to develop such competency.

Although we would prefer that writing-tutors have some sense of what makes them excellent writers, it is not a pre-condition. The Regional Writing Centre at UL will train potential tutors to employ several reflective strategies that will bring some of what they do, and how they do it, to the surface, better preparing them to tutor others. The Regional Writing Centre also works with potential tutors to prepare them to meet any writing situation with confidence.

Postgraduate students who can demonstrate a high degree of writing competence in their particular discipline are invited to drop off a letter of application, and a CV, at our office, or send it to:

The Regional Writing Centre, Room C1-065, University of Limerick, Limerick.

The CV and cover letter should be accompanied by samples of the applicant's written work. The writing should meet the expectations of a discipline-specific audience, having a high readability-level while deftly employing the stylistic expectations of the genre. These should be samples of which the applicant is particularly proud. It would be useful, also, if applicants were to provide the name of, or a letter from, someone who has experience of his/her writing and would recommend it.


We also employ undergraduate students who have completed and done well in the module AW4006, Peer-Tutoring in Academic Writing.This is an optional extra module which runs in the Spring semester and is open to undergraduate writers from any discipline. AW4006 will fully prepare the ardent student for paid employment in the Writing Centre and also develop their own writing process.

We look forward to receiving CVs from graduates of this module. To view the module outline click here .

We also offer a coop position for undergraduates to work as our administrative assistant. See Co-Op at the Writing Centre for more information.