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Student Testimonials

Students from various disciplines,origins and backgrounds have availed of the recources we offer here in the Regional Writing Centre. Here is a selection of their comments from their experience of one-to-one peer tutoring: 


"Writing an essay is a journey, getting an A is the destination. The writing centre helps to make the journey enjoyable"


"Excellent clear guidance delivered in a helpful and non-judgemental way"


"The consultation was very good and gave me direction and focus going forward"


"Reassured me on the strong aspects of my academic writing. Provided constructive criticism in a healthy manner, which will help me in perfecting the final draft of my essay"


 "The consultation helped me to see different approaches to structuring and writing a sentence. For me, as a non-English speaker, it was very good practice"


"Excellent tips on improving the flow of the writing"


"Made me feel more confident about my work, really encouraging and helpful for international students whose mother tongue isn't English"