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Regional Writing Centre's 10th Anniversary Symposium on Writing

June 1st, 2017

Why good academic writers perform poorly in the workplace: Teaching for transfer across contexts of writing

The Regional Writing Centre (RWC) hosted a one-day symposium to celebrate its 10th year of operation. The symposium contested the notion that writing well in an academic context necessarily prepares graduates for the writing they will do in workplace contexts. Too often, it is observed that graduates do not assess the new writing situation, but remain reliant on the values, purposes, conventions and forms, etc., of academic writing. Graduates’ sense of authorship and audience can often be completely off the mark of what the corporate context requires. Our symposium wished to bring academic and industry audiences together to hear and participate in discussions about the differences in their contexts and the impact of that difference and to come away with an understanding of what it is possible for academics to do to best prepare graduates for non-academic contexts, particularly, workplace contexts.


To view the Book of Abstracts, click here.


Presentations from our Keynote Speakers can be found here.


The opening address of the symposium was delivered by our very own Lawrence Cleary, Dr. Íde O'Sullivan and Dr. Aoife Lenihan.

Following a series of talks from our Keynote Speakers, there was a panel discussion. The conclusion was delivered by Lawrence Cleary.


A full itinerary of the day can be seen below: