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Proofing your Paper Using MS Word Tools

Week 7 Workshop!

Lawrence is facilitating the workshop 'Proofing your Paper Using MS Word Tools' this week on MS Teams.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, you can click on the link below.

Date and Time Location
Tuesday 18/10/22, 11am-12pm Teams Link to be posted
Thursday 20/10/22, 2pm-3pm Lab to be determined

Many students are unfamiliar with the tools available on Microsoft word. This can lead to inconsistencies in formatting, grammatical errors, and incoherent sentences. This workshop takes participants through the set-up and use of proofing tools on Microsoft Word. Participants discover that the tool can be as much a proofing tool as an educational tool for those who do not understand why there is a grammatical or stylistic problem in the first place.