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Writing for Academic Assessment

Writing for Academic Assessment

The Regional Writing Centre will be holding various workshops this coming semester that will tackle key aspects of academic writing. Whether you struggle with referencing or formatting, we are confident that we can answer all of your academic writing questions in a clear and comprehensive way. 

The series will be comprised of 4 workshops, each addressing different compenents of the writing process from weeks 6-9. Attendance is free however do be advised that we will run off a first come, first serve basis so any interested students should arrive nice and early on the day. If you do find that the spaces are all full when you arrive, check to see if we have another workshop that week/day as they will run twice weekly! 

The workshops will be held in the Graduates Attributes Hub in the Millstream Courtyard. For directions, please click here

For more information about times, dates and the topics of the workshops, please see the poster below. If you require further information, we encourage you to contact us via email at or call 061 202581.

We look forward to seeing you there!