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Reading and Discussion with Danny Denton


Frankenweek@UL and UL One Campus, One Book invite you to a reading and discussion with Danny Denton, author of The Earlie King and the Kid In Yellow.

This thrilling, genre-defying debut novel by Cork writer, Danny Denton, imagines a nightmarish and dystopic Ireland devastated by catastrophic economic and meteorological events and controlled by the tyrannical drug lord, the Earlie King. Once one of the King’s own ‘Boys’, the 13-year old Kid in Yellow – whose story this really is – has fallen into disgrace after an illicit affair with the King’s daughter, T, results in the girl’s death in childbirth following an unnaturally long gestation period. The ‘babba’ she bears becomes a symbol of hope for the future, and the Kid’s decision to steal his child from the King in order to keep his promise to T promises both personal and social redemption.  

Doors will open at 4:15 pm for teas/coffees and cake, with a 4:30 start for the reading.

If you are interested in this event please RSVP to


Danny's book can be bought here or from O'Mahony's on Campus.