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PhD Writers Week June 2021

Phd Writers Week June Poster

The PhD Writers’ Week is an ‘in-house’, non-residential retreat, which takes place in the Writers’ Space in the Regional Writing Centre (C1-065) (due to Covid-19 and subsequent social distancing rules, the January 2021 PhD Writers' Week will take place online through Microsoft Teams). Similar to the writers’ retreats run by CTL, the Writers’ Week aims to help PhD students advance their writing. The PhD Writers’ Week provides a structured approach to writing, helping participants stay ‘on track’. In addition, writing as a member of a group, where distractions such as e-mail and Facebook are minimised, serves as an additional incentive and creates a productive work atmosphere.

The Writers’ Week is aimed at PhD students who have a specific writing project which they need to complete. In order to be successful, the Writers’ Week requires participants to have clearly defined writing goals, which can be broken down into smaller daily milestones. These goals can be the completion of the draft of a chapter (like the literature review, methods chapter), a conference paper or a journal article.


Registration Procedure:

  • Priority will be given to those who have not already completed a PhD Writers’ Week, but we welcome applications from anyone completing a PhD.
  • Places are limited to 8 participants in total.
  • Only PhD students who are enrolled at the University of Limerick are eligible to register.
  • Applicants are required to submit the Registration Form via email to
  • Applicants must provide a short endorsement e-mail from their supervisor – this can be included alongside the Registration Form.
  • A €50 deposit is required to complete registration once an applicant has been advised that s/he has been offered a place. 

Please note: participants can only register for the PhD Writers’ Week if they commit to attend in the mornings of all five days. Attendance will be recorded. 


Applications are now open for our next PhD Writers' Week, which will take place from January 18th to January 22nd, 2021. The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday January 8th, 2021.

Registration Forms Are Available Here