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Ph.D. Writers' Week June 2016

PhD Writers' Week June 2016

Ph.D. Writers’ Week - Getting you (back) on the ‘write’ track!

20th – 24th June 2016


Do you have a chapter of your thesis or a conference paper that you would like to finish before the start of the next semester?

Are e-mails, Facebook, the internet and lots of other things distracting you from your writing?

Are you feeling demotivated by sitting at your desk all on your own?

If so, the Ph.D. Writers’ Week may be just what you need to get you back on the ‘write’ track!


Why should you take part?

The Ph.D. Writers’ Week is modelled on similar writers’ retreats, which have been run successfully by the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) for more than a decade. The Ph.D. Writers’ Week is an ‘in-house’, non-residential retreat, which takes place in the Writers’ Space in the Regional Writing Centre (C1-065). Similar to the writers’ retreats run by CTL, the Writers’ Week aims to help Ph.D. students advance their writing. The Ph.D. Writers’ Week provides a structured approach to writing, helping participants stay ‘on track’. In addition, writing as a member of a group, where distractions such as e-mail and Facebook are minimised, serves as an additional incentive and creates a productive work atmosphere.

The Writers’ Week is aimed at Ph.D. students who have a specific writing project which they need to complete. In order to be successful, the Writers’ Week requires participants to have clearly defined writing goals, which can be broken down into smaller daily milestones. (See the Registration Form for more details.) These goals can be the completion of the draft of a chapter (like the literature review, methods chapter), a conference paper or a journal article.

As you can see from the schedule below, there will be two workshops at the beginning and at the end of the Writers’ Week, as well as daily debriefing sessions to structure your writing. Also, participants will be required to meet with one of Regional Writing Centre’s peer tutors during Writers’ Week to discuss a certain aspect of their writing. As an additional option, participants can take part in a peer-review session with a writing buddy on Thursday afternoon.


Your Commitment

In order to get the most out of the five days, you will have to make a serious commitment to partake in the five morning sessions each day from Monday to Friday (20th-24th June). This means showing up every morning on time and being ready to write; please note that attendance will be recorded. (See note on Costs below.) You will also commit to take part in a 30 minute peer-tutoring session during the week.


The Location

The Ph.D. Writers’ Week will take place in the Writers’ Space in the Regional Writing Centre (C1-065). The Centre will supply a space with distractions kept to a minimum. This means that no e-mail, phones, Facebook, Twitter, etc., will be allowed during the writing sessions.

Tea/coffee and snacks will be provided. If any of you have specific food requirements, we encourage you to bring your own snacks so that you will be nourished as you write.

 You will need to bring your own laptops, and of course, you should bring any writing and reading material which you need.



Taking part in the Ph.D. Writers’ Week is free of charge; however, a €50 deposit is collected in order to encourage participants to complete the programme. This deposit is required to complete registration. This will be returned to you following full completion of the programme. Previously, we have encountered people who commit to a full week, but fail to attend on certain days and miss crucial discussions due to previous engagements. If you decide to attend the Ph.D. Writers’ Week, we ask that you make it your priority to attend all compulsory morning sessions and the Peer-tutoring session, or you will forfeit your deposit.  If you already know that you are unable to attend a certain day, please refrain from applying for a place.

Please note: cheques should be made payable to the University of Limerick and will be returned in full on the last day of Writers’ Week. The deposit should accompany the Registration Form. Under no circumstances should cash be sent by post.


Registration Procedure

  • Places will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given to those who have not already completed a Ph.D. Writers’ Week, but we welcome applications from anyone completing a Ph.D.;
  • Places are limited to 7 participants in total;
  • Only Ph.D. students who are enrolled at the University of Limerick or Mary Immaculate College are eligible to register;
  • Applicants are required to submit the Registration Form – available here;
  • Applicants must provide a short endorsement e-mail from your supervisor;
  • A €50 deposit is required to complete registration;
  • Registration deadline: Friday, 20th May at 16:00.

Please note: participants can only register for the Ph.D. Writers’ Week if they commit to attend in the mornings of all five days. Attendance will be recorded.

If you have any further queries, please contact

Registration Form – available here .