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How I Write, Ireland Interview with Professor Joseph O'Connor

Joseph O'Connor and Sarah Moore, How I Write, Ireland, Interview Joseph O'Connor and Sarah Moore, How I Write, Ireland, Interview

The Regional Writing Centre was delighted to host the successful, final event of this year’s UL One Campus One Book initiative. It was  a How I Write, Ireland interview with award-winning author Joseph O’Connor, whose book The Thrill of it All had been the focus of this year’s initiative. The premise for the How I Write, Ireland interviews is that all writers, novice and experienced, can learn as much from how great writers write as well as from what they write. This initiative promotes and celebrates the process of writing in all its shapes and forms and endeavours to inspire writers to learn how to become better writers.Professor Sarah Moore welcomed the large group of eager assembled writers and readers from across the UL staff and student communities and guests from outside the UL campus, before proceeding to interview Joseph about how he writes. The audience were thrilled to hear Joseph O’Connor talk candidly and at length about his writing process and the strategies he adopts to achieve his writing goals. At the end of the interview, the audience had the opportunity to explore with Joseph O’Connor aspects of writing of interest to them through a lively Q & A session from the floor. The event has been recorded by the Regional Writing Centre and will be available as a valuable resource for writers to access in future by visiting How I Write Ireland, An Interview with Joseph O'Connor