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Creating a Context for Writing

Wed 31 May 2017, 14:00 – 16:00

C1060, Main Building

University of Limerick

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Despite its central role in university work, writing remains a mystery to most students. They have often received minimal instruction in writing beyond corrective feedback at the sentence level, and must deduce the complex but largely implicit rules of academic writing. Moreover, as they make their way from classroom to classroom and discipline to discipline, they face a bewildering variation in those rules. Unfortunately, their instructors – who may well be successful authors – are not always able to explain the very rules that they follow and expect their students to obey.

By drawing on classical and contemporary writing theory and practice, this presentation will offer a suite of strategies designed to help students and those who support them demystify academic writing. While each writing task presents its own challenges, all writing tasks have elements in common, and this presentation will focus on those elements in order to provide students with a practical, understandable approach to writing in university.



Anthony Paré is a professor and head of the Department of Language and Literacy Education in the Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia. Before moving to UBC, he worked at McGill University, where he served as Chair of the Department of Integrated Studies in Education, Director of the Centre for the Study and Teaching of Writing, and Editor of the McGill Journal of Education. His research examines academic and workplace writing, situated learning, school-to-work transitions, the development of professional literacies, and doctoral education. He is presently studying the writing of the dissertation, with a particular focus on the supervisory dyad and its role in the rhetorical apprenticeship of doctoral students.


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