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Co-Op at the Writing Centre

The role:
The Co-Op Intern is expected to adopt many different roles whilst working in the Regional Writing Centre. As Administrative Assistant, you will obtain the responsibility of managing the accounts, online schedule, website, social networks and also, ensuring that the needs of the tutor’s and tutee’s are met. You will also be a promoter of the centre which entails putting forward your creative input in the production and distribution of advertisements. The Intern also aids in the management of the Regional Writing Centre’s activities and events.

The list of duties:

  1. Assist with the maintenance of the daily operations of the RWC.
  2. Assist with the organisation of Writing Centre activities.
  3. Greet tutees and arrange appointments.
  4. Publicise and promote the activities of the Writing Centre.
  5. Keep accurate records of Writing Centre activity.
  6. Assist with the maintenance of the RWC website for promotional, administrative and didactic purposes.
  7. Assist with the maintenance of Writing Centre literature, including handouts and pamphlets.
  8. Prepare and/or purchase materials needed for the RWC.
  9. Assist with the preparation of the First Seven Weeks activities, Ph.D’s Writers’ Week, Writers’ Groups, Writing Workshops, UL One Campus, One Book, National Secondary School Essay-Writing Competition.

The experience:
As the Regional Writing Centre Intern, you will gain invaluable experience in several areas. You will discover that not all administrative jobs are mundane! These jobs include, attending conferences and events on behalf of the Writing Centre, setting up competitions on our various networking sites, assisting in ‘out of office’ events around the University’s Campus and putting your own personal stamp on the Writing Centre. Your creative input is greatly appreciated in the Writing Centre and past interns have enjoyed using Photoshop to create posters, pamphlets and leaflets advertising our services and events and being the voice behind our radio ad which is aired daily on ULFM! You'll even get your own business cards as part of an initiative run by the Students' Union!