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ULREG Membership

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Dr Paul Reynolds, Edge Hill University

Dean of Graduate School, Vice Chair

Dr Ann Ledwith

Corporate Secretary

Callista Bennis / Alternate: Maria Connolly

Research Governance Officer

Dr Barry Shanahan / Alternate: Christine Brennan

Research Integrity Officer

Prof. Mary O’Sullivan

President of Postgraduate Students Union

Dean Lillis

Member with knowledge in the area of Research Ethics

Dr Martin Mullins

Chair, KBS Research Ethics Committee

Dr Deirdre O’Loughlin

Chair, S&E Research Ethics Committee

Chair: Dr Jean Saunders / Alternate: Dr John Mulvihill

Chair, AHSS Research Ethics Committee

Chair: Dr Scott Fitzsimmons / Alternate: Dr Amanda Haynes

Chair, E&HS Research Ethics Committee

Chair: Dr Drew Harrison / Alternate: Prof. Marie Parker Jenkins

Chair, Animal Research Ethics Committee

Dr Seán Fair