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Seminars and lectures

  • Kim Stanley Robinson, “Time in the Novel”, Public Lecture, 7 April 2015.
  • Dr Diane Morgan, “The Sound of Architecture: Tuning into Material Resonances of Buildings,” School of Architecture (SAUL)-Ralahine co-organised seminar, 16 April 2013.
  • Professor Erik Olin Wright, ‘Transforming Capitalism through Real Utopias’, Public Lecture, Monday 4 March 2013.
  • Professor Erik Olin Wright and Professor Ruth Levitas, ‘On Utopia as Method’, MA Seminar (jointly organised by Ralahine and UL Sociology Department), Monday 4 March 2013.
  • Professor Angelika Bammer, “Feminism and Utopianism, Revisited”, Gender ARC-Ralahine co- organised seminar, 16 October 2012.
  • Dr Nathaniel Coleman, “The Problematic of Utopia and Architecture: Utopia and the Social Dimension of Architecture, Form as Content as Utopian Practice,” School of Architecture (SAUL)-Ralahine co-organised seminar, 26 October 2011.
  • Professor Michael D. Higgins and Professor Ruth Levitas, ‘Transformative Tools for a Better Ireland’ Institute for the Study of Knowledge in Society (ISKS): “Confronting the Crisis Series,” ISKS-Ralahine Seminar, 6 October 2009.
  • Professor Ruth Levitas, Mary Lou O’Donnell, and Robert Hunter, “Lines and Spaces: The Role of Music in the Creation of Community,” Comhaimseartha Seminar Series: ‘Music and Utopia,’ Irish World Academy-Ralahine Seminar 5 March 2008.
  • Professor Michael E. Gardiner, ‘The Grandchildren of Marx and Coca-Cola: Lefebvre and the Problem of ‘Recuperation’ in Everyday Life,’ 14 May 2007.
  • Dr Heidi Hansson, ‘Northern Light: Fredrika Bremer and the Spiritual Utopia of the North,’ 4th May 2005.
  • Professor Tom Moylan, “‘To Stand with Dreamers’: On the Use Value of Utopia,” Inaugural Professorial Lecture, 23 October 2003.
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