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Nanoscale Physics Group

Dr Fernando Rhen,

Science Foundation Ireland Investigator.

Department of Physics, University of Limerick,

Email: Fernando.rhen@ul.ie

The Nanoscale Physics and Energy group is focussed on the investigation of novel materials for technological applications in physics, chemistry, ICT and energy related sectors. The group has expertise on synthesis of nanostructured alloys based on transition metal, electrodes for fuel cell, noble metals catalyst and magnetic materials. The group has been funded by Science foundation Ireland, Irish Research Council and local Industry.

Our areas of interest also include: Nanoscience and nanotechnology, Device fabrication/characterization, materials science, characterization of physical/chemical properties of materials, scientific instrumentation, energy conservation and energy conversion, energy efficiency nanoscale magnetism/magnetic related phenomena, spin dynamics and spin manipulation, modelling and computer simulation, and low temperature physics.

For publication see: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fernando_Rhen