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Welcome to the Department of Physics

Our department is young and dynamic. Our courses prepare students for a wide variety of exciting careers and we are engaged in innovative research at the forefront of science and technology. Our research results can be found in the top scientific journals and in internationally patented inventions.

From 2017 we are offering the new:

LM125 BSc in Physics Common Entry programme,

with options to study

Applied Physics or Mathematics and Physics.

Our graduates are sought after for cutting-edge research, and technology roles.  We work with companies such as Analog Devices, COOK Medical, Intel, and BorgWarner. In addition to advancing science and developing new products, this engagement creates employment opportunities for our graduates.UL’s pioneering Cooperative placement programme also ensures that our graduates are engaged with industry from an early stage of their careers and can adapt to the high levels of skill and professionalism required in industry.