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Mental Health: Care of Yourself and Others Webinar
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The 1916 Bursary Fund 2021/2022 Postgraduate FAQs
The 1916 Bursary Fund 2021/2022 FAQs
Stepped Care Model
What is the UL Counselling Service?
Who is the service for?
What sort of problems can be helped with counselling?
Who are the team members?
What happens in counselling?
Is the service confidential?
How do I make an appointment?
Is there a waiting list?
Is the counselling service free?
What if I miss my appointment?
Can I ask for a particular counsellor?
What if more help is needed than the service can provide?
Is there an emergency service?
Test of responsive
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European Day of Languages
Lisselot Plaza
Dr Christopher Fitzgerald
Alberta Tagliacozzo
Dr Cecilia Benaglia
TaLC 2022 Conference at UL!
TaLC 2022 Conference at UL!
Dr Christopher Fitzgerald
Dr Christopher Fitzgerald
Brian Hurley
Brian Hurley Thesis
CL2021 Plenaries
Dr Nick Wilson
Dr Nick Wilson
Upcoming Conference: Virtual Exchange in Higher Education: Charting the Irish Experience
CALS Webinars, Autumn 2021
CALS Webinars, Autumn 2021
PEN Translates Award Winner Mícheál Ó hAodhaícheál-ó-haodha
New Edited Volume by CALS Member, Dr Steven Byrne
October 2021
September 2021
Anne. N.O'Connor
Contact the MSO
Cynthia Adubango
Dr Laura Cahillane speaks on Drivetime RTE
Dr Laura Cahillane quoted in Irish Times
Judicial Education and Training Seminar
Invitation to Address High Level Taskforce on Mental Illness and the Criminal Justice System
Criminal Injuries Compensation Tribunal
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Dubhán Ó Longáinán-ó-longáin
Tim Groenland
Dr Christina Morin
Shirin Moghaddam
Amir Jalali
Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science
Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science
Lecturer in Statistics and Data Science
Epidemiologist/Biostatistician/ Health Service Researcher
First Year Workshops
Read Week
Access to University Course (AUC) now accepting applications
AUC now open for applications
University of Limerick Access to University Course (AUC) 2022
AUC When to Apply
Who can apply?
Benefits of HEAR
What HEAR is not
How do I apply?
Rethink Ireland Banner
When to Apply
Who is eligible to apply to the Fund?
Application process
Documentation Required
Documents Required
Access Policy
Edel O'Donnell
What is it?
Who is it for?
What do I need to do?
Issues with attending?
Hear Orientation
Professor Colin Fitzpatrick Profile
Professor Colin Fitzpatrick
Dr. Ronan Courtney
Dr. Ronan Courtney Profile
Dr. David Styles Profile
Dr. David Styles
Dr. Ken Byrne
Ken Byrne Profile