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Postgraduate Studies at UL
Postgraduate Studies at UL
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UL Research and Innovation Strategy
Alcohol Use
Coming Out
Eating Disorders
Eating Habits & Wellbeing
Fear & Anxiety
Low Mood
Maintaining Good Mental Health
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Resilience and culture shock
Self Harm
Sleeping Problems
Social Anxiety
Supporting Someone with Mental Health Difficulties
Identifying Negative Thinking Patterns
P & P
IT Security Policy
Acceptable Usage Policy
Supporting Procedures
Sharon Aherne
Anne Marie Geoghegan
Dr Stewart King (Monash Univ) Public Lecture
Volume 6, Issue1: November 2019
E-Lang Project
Call It Out wins golden award international conference
Marie Curie funding for UL’s Hate and Hostility Research Group’s-hate-and-hostility-research-group
Professor Tony Attwood
Jed Baker
Welcome to Disability Services Office
Mature Student Access Certificate
Organised Crime and Child Exploitation Conference Glasgow 28th November 2019
International Criminal Court Must Prove its worth
IALT Matheson Postgraduate Scholarship Winner 2019
Irish Conveyancing Law
Field Trip to Limerick Prison
Restorative Justice Conference Co-Hosted by the CCJVS
Visit to CBS Sexton Street Limerick
Irish Scholarships for Indian students to study Undergraduate Courses
School of Law Student Completes Internship at the Office of the DPP
Human Rights and Out of Hours Services
Law for a Day 2019 - Senior Cycle
Institute of Advanced Legal Studies
Sophie Toscan du Plantier
Plassey Law Review
ICEL November Lunch and Learn Event in Downtown Limerick Using Data Analytics in investigations eDiscovery and Compliance
Promoting Inclusivity through Universal Design for Learning
Law Plus Student is a National Winner 2019 of the Red Bull Basement University Competition
Goals of the Institute
Institute Profile
Support for Industry
BD-SFI Industry Fellowship
Bernal Institute Launch of the Titan Themis Microscope
The Microscopy Society of Ireland Annual Symposium
Research Forum
Distinguished Lecturer Series
Guest Readings, Language Workshop & Music Session
Research and Development Strategy for the Irish Language Based Arts
Flow-aided Pneumatic Conveying of Cohesive Dairy Powder: Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations
The maths of fantasy football
Student/Staff Recommendations
EWCA Conference 2020
Writing for Academic Assessment (Autumn 2019)
How to Create Coherent Paragraphs
Writing for Academic Assessment
Meet our New Tutors!
Unite @ UL
Unite @ UL
Unite @ UL
Unite @ UL
Access to University Course 2018/2019
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Dr Marina Cano
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Dr Maggie O'Neill
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Dr Sinéad Walshéad-walsh
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Dr Patti O'Malley