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UL President Welcomes Regeneron Investment in Limerick Leading to 300 Highly Skilled Jobs

Biopharmaceutical giant Regeneron has revealed a $300 million investment in a manufacturing facility in Limerick which is set to generate 300 highly skilled jobs by 2016. 
UL President, Professor Don Barry welcomed the announcement; "This jobs announcement is a very welcome development for this region. The third level sector in Limerick plays an important role in attracting foreign direct investment through the provision of its graduates and its research expertise."
"Limerick has become a hub of excellence for pharmaceutical research with the establishment of the Synthesis & Solid State Pharmaceutical Research Centre and the investments made the University of Limerick through the Bernal Project. Through the Bernal Project we are recruiting some of the world's leading researchers in pharmaceuticals, energy and biomedical science. These investments further enhance Limericks ability to attract FDI to the region and support our knowledge economy. This announcement from Regeneron is an excellent example of how Limerick is attracting top international companies. We look forward to supporting Regeneron through the expertise of our graduates, PhD researchers and world-leading professors in this field."
The University of Limerick recently launched the Bernal Project - a €52 million science and engineering initiative which will make a significant contribution to Ireland’s national research initiatives in the strategically important areas of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Energy Research and Development. The University is also home to the Synthesis & Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre - a unique collaboration between 17 companies 8 academic institutions and will position Ireland as a global hub for pharmaceutical process innovation and advanced manufacturing.