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Collaboration with Industry

Since its inception, MSSI has enjoyed a strong track record in collaborating with industry on projects related to our members' areas of expertise.  We actively engage with our thirty five companies ranging from SMEs to multinationals.  MSSI host the Enterprise Ireland competence centre in composite materials (IComp) www.ul.ie/icomp with 7 industry partners and the Solid State Pharmaceutical Cluster with 10 industry partners.  We currently host the largest Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership programe awarded to date, valued at over €1 million.  MSSI has successfully supported a range of industries including:

Intel     Glantreo     Boston Scientific    Danone     Kostal    Lufthansa      Money Point    NanoDiamond Nano Diamond     SR Technics     Stirling     Stryker     Vistakon     Zimmer     Rusal     BHP    cook     Advanced Technical Concepts     Top Chem     mtd     Adhesives Research     Hi Life     abbot     genzyme     Wyeth     UCB     Cordon Pharma     Minteq     pfizer     Nanoco