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Solid State NMR system in action at MSSI

Solid State NMR system in action at MSSI

A  dedicated solid state wide bore Bruker 400 MHz NMR magnet has been installed in the Materials and Surface Science Institute’s new extension and is up and running. The solid state NMR system can analyse crystalline and amorphous solid materials over a range of temperatures, from -40 ˚C to 300 ˚C and can analyse a wide range of nuclei, exciting 2-3 nuclei simultaneously to determine different properties of the solid material. Such analyses can generate information about chemical structure, molecular dynamics and interactions between molecules in the solid state - information unattainable by other analytical techniques and immensely valuable in a range of applications and industries.

Already, David Murray and John Neilan from Cook Medical, with MSSi member Dr Sarah Hudson, have obtained valuable data on solid chemical structures and were the solid state NMR’s first commercial users. A solid state instrumentation scientist for the NMR system will be appointed in autumn to  run the system along with guidance from Dr Hudson and other MSSi academic users.