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Proposal from Dr Ning Liu, Department of Physics & Energy and MSSI Awarded Funding for Joint University Collaboration

Ning Liu Ning Liu

The project entitled “New Collaboration in Nanoplasmonics” by Ning Liu (UL) and Greg Sun (UMass) has been awarded funding for a joint University of Limerick and University of Massachusetts Boston collaboration.  Prof. Paul McCutcheon, University of Limerick said that “ A large volume of excellent proposals were received and this reflects the enthusiasm of colleagues in both institutions to support the UL-UMass relationship through collaboration.  We congratulate the awardees and wish them well in their collaboration.  At the same time we must record our gratitude to all applicants for their interest in and commitment to the UL-UMass relationship.  We wish to encourage our colleagues in our two institutions to continue in their collaborative ventures and there will be future funding opportunities”.

The following projects have also been supported

  • Civic Engagement – Maura Adshead/Bernie Quillinan (UL) and Kathleen Banfield (UMass)


  • eWOM, Altruism and Online Social Context  – John Fahy (UL) and Werner Kunz (UMass)


  • Irish & Irish-American Literature and Culture: Imaging Place and People  – Cheryl Nixon (UMass) and Meg Harper (UL)