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Prof. Michael McCarthy, MSSI and Chair of Aero Engineering Launches New Book


Non-Local Structural MechanicsMSSI Researcher and Chair of Aero Engineering Prof. Michael McCarthy has launched a new book in the area of Analyzing Nanoscale Structures.  Nonlocal Structural Mechanics (Iste) Hardcover, available from 4 Aug 2016 by Tony Murmu (Author), Sondipon Adhikari (Author), Michael McCarthy (Author)

This book gives science and engineering graduates and researchers a detailed understanding of the methods of non–local analysis necessary for nanoscale structures.

The conventional local elasticity theory has underpinned the majority of applications of continuum mechanics in applied science and engineering since its inception in the early 19th Century. The application of the local elasticity theory in the context of nanoscale objects has been repeatedly questioned in various research articles over the past decade. Non–local elasticity theory, pioneered from the 1970s, is a scale–dependent theory and is considered to be more suitable for analyzing nanoscale objects such as carbon nanotubes and graphene sheets.

This book is the first comprehensive text to cover non–local elasticity theory for static, dynamic and stability analysis of wide–ranging nanostructures. The authors draw on their considerable research experience in this field. The text will be written from a mechanics standpoint, with numerous worked examples relevant across a wide range of nanomechanical systems.