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MSSI on RTE1 Eco Eye Programme

MSSI On Eco Eye

Dr Kevin M. Ryan and Dr Claudia Coughlan from MSSI and the Department of Chemical and Environmental Sciences featured on RTE 1 TV on the “Eco Eye” programme on Tuesday 9th February .  “Science communicator Dr Lara Dungan investigated some of the technologies that could enable us to live in a world of no fossil fuels and no pollution and while allowing us to grow our economy and improve our lifestyles. From futuristic electric cars, ocean energy, new solar panels and homes of the future, Lara explored cutter-edge technologies that could help us power our future economy and give us hope for a better, brighter future.”

 The programme featured Kevin’s research in energy storage (batteries) and energy conversion (solar cells) taking place in MSSI.  Eco Eye is Ireland’s longest running environmental series and continues, in this its 14th series, to investigate Ireland’s major environmental issues and why these issues are critically important to public health, the economy and the quality of our lives. 

Click here to view the programme! “The segment related to MSSI starts at 21:46 and finishes at 25:00.”