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MSSI Researcher's Paper Reaches 10,000 Downloads

Pat Kiely
Pictured Here: Dr Patrick Kiely, MSSI

Dr Patrick Kiely's paper, 'Rack 1, A Multifaceted scaffolding protein: Structure and Function' has just passed 10,000 downloads.  In his research area,  Cellular and Molecular Biology, this is considered high.  This paper/review condenses several recent studies suggesting a role for RACK1 in physiological processes such as development, cell migration, central nervous system functioning and circadian rhythm as well as reviewing the role of RACK1 in disease.  As well as this, in the paper included were several novel findings on the structure of RACK1 and suggested ways that the protein may be targeted using novel compounds.  The paper was  published in Cell Communication and Signalling (Impact Factor 5).

http://www.biosignalling.com/content/9/1/22(link is external)

The manuscript has already been cited over 40 times and includes citations in Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology (Impact Factor 37), Nature Cell Biology (Impact Factor 21), Journal of Cell Biology (Impact Factor 11).