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MSSI Research Away Day Held at Strand Hotel, Limerick

John Neilan John Neilan

In June 2014, MSSI hosted its annual research day which was attended by approximately 100 delegates. This year’s event included a thesis-in-three competition where MSSI PhD students presented their research in three minutes in three slides. In addition to the research talks on MSSI themes, there were also presentations from the Bernal Chair in Microscopy, Professor Ursel Bangert and the Bernal Chair in Crystal Engineering, Professor Michael Zaworotko. Presentations by MSSI alumni were also included as well as a key note industry speaker, Mr John Neilan, Director of Engineering, Cook Medical (pictured). During the event, a number of research awards were presented. The MSSI research award for most Web of Science journal papers published in 2013 with impact factor greater than 1.5 went to Professor Åke Rasmuson. Åke published 12 WoS papers with impact factor greater than 1.5. This is the second year in a row that Åke has won the award.

The MSSI award for Best Postgraduate Web of Science Journal Publication in 2013 went toDr Emma Mullane for her paper“Synthesis of Tin Catalyzed Silicon and Germanium Nanowires in a Solvent-Vapor System and Optimization of the Seed/Nanowire Interface for Dual Lithium Cycling” published in the ACS journal Chemistry of Materialswith co-authors Tadhg Kennedy, Hugh Geaney, Calum Dickinson and Kevin M. Ryan, (dx.doi.org/10.1021/cm400367v(link is external)).

The MSSI award for Best Undergraduate Final Year Project in the academic year 2013-14 went to Mr Kian Eichholz a student in the Department of Mechanical, Aeronautical and Biomedical Engineering. His project supervisor was Dr David Hoey. The project title is “Fabrication Methods of in-vitro Micro-Vessels for the Study of Cardiovascular Mechanobiology”.