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MSSI graduated 12 PhD and 3 Masters students in August 2016

MSSI graduated 12 PhD and 3 Masters students in August 2016

Pictured above is Rory Mooney PhD

Pictured above is L to R: Dr Kevin M. Ryan, Grace Flynn, PhD, Noreldeen Abdallah, PhD, Professor Edmond Magner, Professor JJ Leahy, Thomas Flannelly, PhD.

Pictured above is L to R: Dr David Tanner, Eoin Hinchy, PhD, Professor Michael Pomeroy.

Pictured above is L to R: Professor Trevor Young, Niamh Nash, PhD, Dr Walter Stanley.

Pictured above is L to R: Daniel Mortell, PhD, Dr Conor McCarthy, Mark Hardiman, PhD, Philip Sharos, PhD.

Pictured above is L to R: Ahmad Ziaee, MSc and Maryam Karimijafari, MSc.


Noreldeen Hassan Abdallah

Thesis: Immobilisation of Catalysts for Applications in Organic Reactions
Internal Supervisor: Professor Edmond Magner
Internal Examiner: Dr Sarah Hudson
External Examiner: Dr Mathieu Etienne, CNRS University of Lorraine, Nancy, France
Chair: Dr Noreen Hanly

Thomas Flannelly

Thesis: Reaction Pathway Analysis for the Acid Catalysed Transformation of Hexose Carbohydrates to Advantaged Biofuel Components

Internal Supervisors: Professor JJ Leahy / Dr Stephen Dooley
Internal Examiner: Professor Michael H. Hayes
External Examiner: Professor Juha Ahola, University of Oulu, Finland
Chair: Dr Eamonn De Barra

Grace Flynn

Thesis: Solution Synthesis of Silicon and Germanium Nanowires, Nanorods and Axial Heterostructures using Low Solubility Catalysts
Internal Supervisor: Dr Kevin M. Ryan

Internal Examiner: Dr Urszula Salaj-Kosla
External Examiner: Dr Hannah Joyce, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Chair: Professor JJ Leahy

Mark Hardiman

Thesis: Nanoindentation Characterisation of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic Microstructures
Internal Supervisor: Dr Conor McCarthy
Internal Examiner: Dr Ronan O’Higgins
External Examiner: Dr Saurav Goel, Queen’s University Belfast
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Eoin Hinchy

Thesis: Metallurgical and Mechanical Analysis of Diffusion Braze Repaired Nickel-Based Superalloys
Internal Supervisors: Dr David Tanner / Professor Michael Pomeroy

Internal Examiner: Dr Peter Tiernan
External Examiner: Professor George Fourlais, Swansea University, Wales
Chair: Dr Leonard O’Sullivan

Ian Houlihan

Thesis: Development and Characterisation of Novel Hard Tissue Adhesive Materials
Internal Supervisor: Dr Eamonn De Barra
Internal Examiner: Dr Walter Stanley
External Examiner: Professor David John Wood, University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Chair: Dr Michael Walsh

Brónadh Lynch

Thesis: Reconstruction of Patient Specific Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Models for 3D Printing for Use on a Physiological Test Bed in the Assessment of AAA and Endovascular Aneurysm Repair
Internal Supervisors: Dr John Nelson / Professor Tim McGloughlin
Internal Examiner: Dr Tara Dalton
External Examiner: Professor James Moore, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Chair: Dr Colin Fitzpatrick

Rory Mooney

Thesis: Towards the Development of an Automated Platform for the Decellularisation of Xenogeneic Soft Biological Tissues
Internal Supervisors: Dr Michael Walsh / Professor Tim McGloughlin
Internal Examiner: Dr Patrick Kiely
External Examiner: Professor Thomas Gilbert, ACell Inc., California, USA
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Daniel Mortell

Thesis: Multiscale Characterisation of Damage in Laminated Composite Materials under Bending Loads
Internal Supervisors: Dr Conor McCarthy / Dr David Tanner
Internal Examiner: Professor Noel O’Dowd
External Examiner: Professor Nick Warrior, University of Nottingham, United Kingdom
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Niamh Nash

Thesis: Improving the Performance of Out-of-Autoclave Composite Laminates Using an Interlaminar Toughening Technique
Internal Supervisors: Dr Walter Stanley / Professor Trevor Young
Internal Examiner: Dr Anthony Comer
External Examiner: Professor Geoff Gibson, Newcastle University International, Singapore
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Marcela Salazar Alvarez

Thesis: Targeted Protein Adsorption on the Surface of Biomaterials
Internal Supervisors: Professor Edmond Magner / Dr Syed Tofail
Internal Examiner: Professor Tewfik Soulimane
External Examiner: Dr Anna Roig, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain
Chair: Dr Jakki Cooney

Philip Sharos

Thesis: Efficient Load Distribution Analysis and Strength Prediction of Bolted Composite Joints at Various Loading Rates
Internal Supervisor: Dr Conor McCarthy
Internal Examiner: Professor Michael McCarthy
External Examiner: Professor Carlos Santiuste, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson


Gerard Finnegan

Thesis: The Use of Ecosystem Function Analysis to Determine the Rehabilitation Success of Bauxite Residues

Supervisors: Dr Ronan Courtney / Dr Audrey O’Grady


Maryam Karimijafari

Thesis: Microstructural Characterization and Spark Plasma Sintering of BaTiO3 Based Thermistors

Supervisor: Dr Syed Tofail

Ahmad Ziaee

Thesis: Theoretical Optimisation of Pore Size and Pore Chemistry of SIFSIX-3-M Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials (HUMs)

Supervisors: Dr Syed Tofail / Professor Michael Zaworotko