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Materials & Surface Science Institute

The Materials & Surface Science Institute, established in 1998, is a centre of excellence generating state-of-the-art fundamental research on topics of industrial significance in the fields of surface science and materials. The Institute houses a multidisciplinary team of scientists Newthematic(chemistry, materials science, physics and biochemistry) and engineers (mechanical, aeronautical, biomedical, manufacturing and electronic) who undertake research in the design, synthesis, processing, characterisation and modelling of materials. MSSI expertise covers the full range of materials, supported by state of the art infrastructure and facilities.  MSSI priority research themes are Biomedical Engineering & Biomaterials; Composite Materials; Pharmaceutical Materials and Materials for Energy & Environment. MSSI research focuses on applications in Health, Transport, Energy and  Clean Technology.

MSSI currently has 47 PIs supervising over 150 PhD students and 70 post-doctoral researchers in purpose built facilities. UL has an excellent track record in working with industry and currently leads three large industrially focused research programmes in pharmaceutical manufacturing, composite materials and dairy processing (industry led competence centres co-funded by Enterprise Ireland and the Industrial Development Authority) and Synthesis & Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SFI Centres Programme 2013). In 2014, MSSI members published 185 Web Of Science Journal publications with median impact factor 3.1.  Since 2010 MSSI researchers have generated over €99M in research income and over €20M in large capital grants.

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