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January Conferring Ceremonies 2015.

Conferring Conferring

Winter Conferring for the University of Limerick was held on 20 January 2015.  During this ceremony, 12 PhD and 3 Masters students graduated from MSSI.  The full list of MSSI graduating students is provided below.  Congratulations to all our graduating students!

MSSI Graduates January 2015


Michael Bezuidenhout

Thesis: Germanium & Silicon Nanowires: Novel Synthesis Methods and Applications
Internal Supervisors: Dr Patrick Kiely / Dr Kevin M. Ryan
Internal Examiner: Dr Syed Tofail
External Examiner: Dr Davide Mariotti, University of Ulster, Jordanstown Campus
Chair: Dr Ronan Courtney

Edward Chadwick

Thesis: Microscopical Analysis and Characterisation of Bioactive Porous Silicon Nanosponge Particles

Internal Supervisor: Dr David Tanner
Internal Examiner: Dr Sarah Hudson
External Examiner: Dr Lisa Looney, Dublin City University
Chair: Dr Peter Tiernan

Aidan Cloonan

Thesis: Design and Development of Resorbable Scaffolds for Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering
Internal Supervisors: Professor Tim McGloughlin / Dr Jeremy Robinson
Internal Examiner: Dr David Hoey
External Examiner: Dr Brian Meenan, University of Ulster
Chair: Dr Tara Dalton

Claudia Coughlan

Thesis: Compound Copper Charcogenide Nanocrystals: Synthetic Approaches to Fabricate Multi-Component Semiconductor Nanocrystals for Technological Applications
Internal Supervisor: Dr Kevin M.Ryan
Internal Examiner: Dr Emmet O’Reilly
External Examiner: Dr Peter Reiss, Institute of Nanosciences Cryogenics CEA Grenoble, France
Chair: Dr Noreen Hanly

Karla Dussan

Thesis: Primary Conversion of Lignocellulosic Biomass for the Production of Furfural and Levulinic Acid
Internal Supervisor: Dr JJ Leahy

External Supervisor: Dr Buana Girisuta
Internal Examiner: Professor Jim Burdon
External Examiner: Professor Erike Heeres, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Chair: Dr Seamus McMonagle

Maeve Kiely

Thesis: RACK1 Facilitates the Activity and Substrate Specificity of PP2A in Breast Cancer Cells
Internal Supervisor: Dr Patrick Kiely
Internal Examiner: Dr Jakki Cooney
External Examiner: Professor Paraic Kenny, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, USA
Chair: Dr Eibhlís M. O’Connor

Mariana Kok

Thesis: Mitigation of Biological Adhesion to Aircraft Leading Edge Surfaces
Internal Supervisor: Dr Trevor Young
Internal Examiner: Dr Michael Walsh
External Examiner: Professor Jonathan Wilker, Purdue University, Indiana, USA
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

David Madden

Thesis: Porous Solids for Low Temperature CO2 Adsorption
Internal Supervisor: Dr Teresa Curtin
Internal Examiner: Professor Edmond Magner
External Examiner: Dr Denise Rooney, National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Chair: Dr Witold Kwapinski
Micheál O’Regan

Thesis: A Numerical and Experimental Investigation of the Mean and Turbulent Characteristics of a Wing-tip Vortex in the Near-Field
Internal Supervisors: Dr Philip Griffin / Dr Trevor Young
Internal Examiner: Dr Andy Niven
External Examiner: Professor Lakshmi Sankar, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA.
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Robert Telford

Thesis: Hygro-thermal Residual Stresses in Unsymmetrical Multi-stable Composite Laminates
Internal Supervisor: Dr Trevor Young

External Supervisor: Dr Kali-Babu Katnam
Internal Examiner: Dr Walter Stanley
External Examiner: Professor Paul Weaver, University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Edmond Tobin

Thesis: Evaluation and Correlation of Rain-eroded Aircraft Coatings Using Surface Topography
Internal Supervisor: Dr Trevor Young
Internal Examiner: Dr David Tanner
External Examiner: Professor Margaret Stack, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

David Weidt

Thesis: Computational Modelling of Energy Absorption Characteristics of Epoxy/CNT Nanocomposites
Internal Supervisors: Dr Łukasz Figiel / Professor Michael McCarthy
Internal Examiner: Dr Conor McCarthy
External Examiner: Professor Siegfried Schmauder, University of Stuttgart, Germany
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson


Rachel Buckley

Supervisor: Dr Teresa Curtin

Jennifer Butler

Supervisor: Dr Patrick Kiely


Christian Wijaya

Supervisors: Professor Noel O’Dowd / Dr Łukasz Figiel