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The Irish Independent “The Science of Christmas” Supplement 2015 features MSSI Research Primary tabs

Dr Victoria Gascon Perez Dr Victoria Gascon Perez

Irish Independent

This is the third year that the Irish Independent have produced The Science of Christmas Supplement” in partnership with the Irish Research Council (IRC), a Government-funded organisation that supports scientists who work in pursuit of ever higher levels of knowledge for the benefit of society.

This supplement answers many seasonal questions and in the process, provides insights into the role that science plays in Christmas.

The supplement features 3 articles from Synthesis & Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre (SSPC) including a double page spread on Christmas Science Facts compiled by Dr Sarah Hayes, Education and Outreach Officer, SSPC and MSSI.

MSSI Researcher| Xinxin Xiao tells the story behind his “nano-snowy tree’ image which was selected for the UK Royal Microscopy Society 2015 Christmas Card. Xinxin works with Professor Edmond Magner in the area of nanoporous metal based biofuel cells.

MSSI Researcher Dr Victoria Perez and Dr Sarah Hayes explain how a Christmas Cracker goes Bang!  Victoria works with Professor Edmond Magner in the area of biocatalysis development.