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Equipment Access

Guidelines for Access to MSSI Equipment

Researchers in all Irish Third Level Institutions and industrial clients can apply for access to the facilities for any scientific purpose, using the following mechanism:

  1. To access MSSI equipment, a Researcher or industrial client contacts the relevant Technical Specialist.
  2. Technical Specialist discusses the proposed work with the Researcher. This helps to identify the best approach and appropriate methods.
  3. Researcher completes a one-page Application Form supplied by Technical Specialist.
  4. Technical Specialist reviews the Application Form; once satisfied that the proposed work has a sound scientific rationale and is technically feasible, (s)he costs the project and prepares quotation.
  5. Researcher raises purchase order and confirms schedule to complete work.

MSSI aims to handle requests for access in a timely manner and to answer all requests for access within one week. Subject to scheduled use by other researchers, the lead time from receipt of purchase order to beginning work is generally under two weeks.