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EAMMD, Electrically Active Materials for Medical Devices held at UL June 8th - 10th


EAMMD, Electrically Active Materials

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A joint ISCA-INSPIRE workshop on Electrically Active Materials for Medical Devices was held at the UL on June 8th to 10th  2015.  Electrical activity such as stress induced electrical charge, action potential and electret behaviour of bone, muscles, nerve cells and skins have been known for some time. The use of electrically active materials in medical devices for repair, regeneration and therapy has received relatively less attention. The primary aim of this conference was to bring together eminent scientists from Japan and Ireland who have made pioneering contributions in the field of finding and exploiting electrical activity in biomaterials. Additionally, a number of international speakers active in this field created an opportunity for face to face dialogue, reinforce ongoing collaborations and develop new collaborations between Ireland and Japan. This workshop provided a platform for discussing data and directions for both short and medium term research to obtain a synergistic understanding of biological interactions with electrically active materials, mainstream disparate data and observations and translate innovative findings into industrial practices and exploitation.   INSPIRE exists to foster, facilitate and ultimately ensure collaboration and partnership between top ranking Irish and international scientists and engineers in nanoscience research and education.