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Compound Semiconductor Device Fabrication course

Compound Semiconductor Device Fabrication course

There is a Compound Semiconductor Device Fabrication course scheduled to take place from April 11th – 15th at Tyndall for external students.  The course is fully accredited by UCC with 5 ECTS for students on structured PhD programmes.  

Funding is available through the INSPIRE Access and Mobility Fund to cover course fees, travel and subsistence for external students.

The course content includes;

  • Processing techniques including photolithography, etching, ion implantation, metal deposition, thermal treatments and measurement, etc.
  • Devices & Circuits: Techniques for the fabrication of compound semiconductor devices such as solid state lasers and LEDs, and device testing.

Who will benefit? PhD candidates whose research topic includes any of micro-  & nano-electronics, photonics, device fabrication, modeling & characterization, etc.

Further details are available on which includes a link to an online registration form.