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Cancer Researcher in the Department of Life Sciences and MSSI wins prestigious travel awards


CatríonaCatriona Dowling Dowling, a third year PhD student in the Department of Life Sciences and Materials and Surface Science Institute has this month been the recipient of two prestigious travel awards totaling over €7,500. The first of these was awarded by ACEA Biosciences, a California based biotechnology company who award 4 travel scholarships each year to researchers who have published high impact papers using their technology. This award will allow Catríona to attend the American Association for Cancer Research annual meeting taking place this April in Philadelphia. Catríona will present her work at this meeting, which will be attended by over 20,000 cancer researchers. Catríona has also been awarded a mobility grant by the Irish Cancer Society, which will allow her to spend the summer at the University of California San Diego. There, she will have the opportunity to work in one of the worlds leading cancer research laboratories on a programme designed to build collaborations and expertise. Catríona is funded by the Irish Cancer society and is supervised by Dr Pat Kiely