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August Conferring Ceremonies 2014

August 2014 August 2014

MSSI graduated 13 PhD and 3 Masters students during the University’s conferring ceremonies in August 2014.

Congratulations to all our graduating students!


Stephen Broderick

Thesis: On the Development of Assessment Techniques for Improved Prediction of Arteriovenous Graft Performance in Facilitation Haemodialysis 
Internal Supervisor: Dr Michael Walsh

External Supervisor: Dr Philip Griffin
External Examiner: Professor Frans Van de Vosse, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Chair: Dr David Newport

Emmett Byrne

Thesis: Numerical and Analytical Modelling of Strength and Toughness of Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Nanocomposites 
Internal Supervisor: Professor Michael McCarthy

External Supervisor: Professor William Curtin
Internal Examiner: Professor Noel O’Dowd
External Examiner: Professor Stephane Bordas, Cardiff University, Wales
Chair: Dr Conor McCarthy

Drahomir Chovan

Thesis: Magnetism and Elastic Properties of Radiopaque Ternary Ni Ti Alloys
Internal Supervisor: Dr Syed Tofail
External Supervisor: Dr Michael Nolan
Internal Examiner: Dr David Corcoran
External Examiner: Dr Alessandro Fortunelli, Institute for the Chemical and Physical Processes, Pisa, Italy
Chair: Dr Damien Thompson

Laura Davis

Thesis: Towards the Development of a Physiologically Mimetic Tissue Engineered Cardiovascular Graft for the Treatment of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms 
Internal Supervisors: Dr Michael Walsh / Dr Grainne Carroll / Professor Tim McGloughlin

Internal Examiner: Dr David Hoey
External Examiner: Professor Kristen Billiar, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, MA, USA
Chair: Dr David Newport

Brian Egan

Thesis: Finite Element Modelling and High Speed Testing of Countersunk Composite Aircraft Joints 
Internal Supervisors: Dr Conor McCarthy / Professor Michael McCarthy / Dr Ronan Frizzell

Internal Examiner: Dr David Tanner
External Examiner: Professor Lorenzo Iannucc, Imperial College London, UK
Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson 

Serge Ibala

Thesis: Exploring FPGA Dynamic Reconfiguration for Sound Source Localization and Tracking Algorithms 
Internal Supervisors: Professor Khalil Arshak / Dr Ciaran MacNamee

Internal Examiner: Dr Jacqueline Walker
External Examiner: Dr Robert Stewart, Athlone Institute of Technology
Chair: Dr Donal Heffernan

Rosaleen Mylotte

Thesis: Isolation and Characterisation of Organic Components in Sediments from an Estuarine Environment
Internal Supervisors: Professor Michael Hayes / Dr JJ Leahy / Dr Catherine Dalton
Internal Examiner: Professor Jim Burdon
External Examiner: Professor Roger Swift, University of Queensland, Australia
Chair: Dr Daniel Toal

William McCormack

Thesis: Milk Protein Supplementation and the Regulation of Lean Tissue Mass in Healthy Community Dwelling 50- to 70-Year-Old Women and Men
Internal Supervisors: Professor Phil Jakeman / Professor William O’Connor
Internal Examiner: Professor Dick Fitzgerald
External Examiner: Professor Luc van Loon, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands

Chair: Dr Brian Carson

David McNulty

Thesis: Synthesis, Structure and Electrochemical Performance of V2O5 Nanostructures as Cathode Materials for Advanced Lithium-Ion Batteries

Internal Supervisors: Professor Noel Buckley / Dr Colm O’Dwyer
Internal Examiner: Dr Robert Lynch
External Examiner: Professor Andrew Gerwirth, University of Illinois, USA
Chair: Professor Bartek Glowacki

Nathan O’Brien

Thesis: A Numerical Investigation of the Irradiation of CNT Bundles for Enhancement of Mechanical Properties by Improved Inter-tube Coupling
Internal Supervisor: Professor Michael McCarthy
External Supervisor: Professor William Curtin

Internal Examiner: Dr Conor McCarthy
External Examiner: Professor Derek Warner, Cornell University, USA

Chair: Professor Noel O’Dowd

Siobhan O’Leary

Thesis: On the Characterisation of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Tissues 
Internal Supervisors: Professor Tim McGloughlin / Dr Michael Walsh / Dr Barry Doyle
Internal Examiner: Dr Walter Stanley
External Examiner: Professor Jonathan Vande Geest, University of Arizona, USA

Chair: Dr Jeremy Robinson

Madlen Witt

Thesis: A Study of Selected Environmental Issues Related to Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Using Escherichia Coli to Produce a Recombinant Protein
Internal Supervisors: Professor Gary Walsh / Dr Tom O’Dwyer
Internal Examiner: Dr Teresa Curtin
External Examiner: Dr Brid Quilty, Dublin City University
Chair: Dr Peter Davern

Gang Xue

Thesis: Fluidized Bed Gasification of Raw and Torrefied Miscanthus X Giganthus 
Internal Supervisors: Dr Witold Kwapinski / Dr JJ Leahy

External Supervisor: Dr Marzena Kwapinska

Internal Examiner: Dr Erzeng Xue
External Examiner: Professor Mark Sciazko, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland
Chair: Dr Emmet O’Reilly


Heather Merrick

Supervisor: Dr Patrick Kiely


Sarah Gaughran

Supervisor: Professor Tim McGloughlin

Thomas Stritch

Supervisor: Dr Conor McCarthy