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Who is a mature student?

A mature student is someone who 23 years of age or older on 1st of January in the calendar year of entry to a full-time undergraduate programme.

The mature student office provides support services for mature students undertaking full-time undergraduate degree programmes in UL.

Mature students can apply for any undergraduate programme.

Information on all undergraduate programmes offered by UL can be found in the UL prospectus, available online here

Applications are made through the CAO by 1st February. The CAO opens for applications usually in November of the preceding year. All other supporting documentation (copies of results, CV, personal statements, birth certs etc) must be posted to the CAO. Such documents must arrive in CAO within ten days of the submission of the online application. Visit for more details.

Further information on the application process is available from the Undergraduate Admissions Office (T:061-202015; E:

Yes! All mature student applications are now processed through the Central Applications Office (CAO). The deadline for applications is 1st February. Late applications may be accepted through the CAO up until 1st May for a limited number of programmes.

An undergraduate course is generally a course which is offered by a higher education institution and which is placed at between levels 6 to 8 on the National Framework of Qualifications. The majority of full-time undergraduate courses offered by the University of Limerick are what are known as Honours Bachelors Degree (Level 8) courses and involve up to four years of full-time study.

A  limited number of part-time undergraduate programmes are also available in UL information on these are available from the Graduate and Professional Studies Department.

Mature students can apply for up to 10 full-time Level 8 programmes and up to 10 full-time Level 6 or 7 programmes on the same application through the CAO.

The closing date for mature student applications is 1st February. All applications have to be made through the CAO.Late applications may be accepted for some programmes up until 1st May. Please check with our Undergraduate Admissions office for further details.

Please note that late applications are not accepted for Nursing or Midwifery programmes, or for Sport & Exercise Sciences, Physiotherapy or Psychology.

Ensure that you show on your application that you fully understand what the course you have applied for is about (eg you know what subjects are taught on the programme and the relevance of those subjects not just the title!), and how the course meets your own personal / career goals.

Show that you have an understanding of the skills and competencies required for that particular course and how you have developed these in your own personal / working life / prior education.

Do some research into what graduates from that course do afterwards. Highlight any study you have done in the past or recently - even if it is just a short course in something unrelated - anything you have done shows motivation, commitment and a desire to learn.

The closing date for applications is 1st February. Mature student applications are processed and interviews are held (where applicable) during the months of April / May / June.

For further information please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 061-202015 or

Mature student applications are assessed by academic staff. Each application is considered on an individual basis. Academic qualifications, work/life experience, motivation and overall potential to be successful on your chosen programme of study are considered and evaluated, usually by means of an interview. Applicants may be short-listed depending on the number of applications received for a particular programme. Please bear in mind when applying that some programmes in UL may look for specific academic requirements prior to entry e.g. some Engineering programmes will usually require applicants to have higher level Leaving Certificate Mathematics.

Applicants who are successful at the interview stage will receive an offer of a place through the CAO in Round A (usually early July), unless they have also received an offer from another college, based on a higher preference on their CAO form. Unsuccessful applicants may seek feedback on their application from the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

As the applications are processed, the Undergraduate Admissions Office will let applicants know whether or not they have been deemed eligible for a place on a programme. This generally happens in May/June.

Offers are formally made through the CAO in Round A  (in early July) Applicants may be deemed eligible for a number of courses but will only be offered their highest preference for which they are eligible i.e. only one offer will be issued through the CAO.

The vast majority of UL courses, full-time and part-time, generally start in early September each year.

Have a look at our financing your studies page. Alternatively, the Fees Office can provide further information on the qualifying criteria for the Free Fees Initiative and on EU/non EU fees. Contact the Fees Office on 061-202026 or at

The best source of information on grants and other financial support is available from or have a look at our financing your studies page.

There are Higher Education Grants available to eligible students i.e. those entering approved full time undergraduate courses of at least two years duration or postgraduate courses of at least one years duration, for the first time, and who satisfy the relevant conditions as to age, residence, means and nationality.

All new applications for the higher education grant are now made through SUSI - Student Universal Support Ireland Please apply for your grant early; you do not need to know the exact course you will be attending in order to make an application.

For further information on grants & allowances, please check out

Full information on the BTEA, and on how to apply, can be obtained from your local Department of Social Protection Office.

UL Careers Service provides information on the various career options available with a UL degree  - click here find out more

Have a look at our supports for mature students page to see what is available to you.