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Module Support Tutorials

The Mathematics Learning Centre runs additional evening support for various mathematics modules in UL. The support tutorials we are running in Semester 1 2019/20 are shown below. Modules whose support tutorials are on Monday's will not run in week 8 (Oct 28th) due to a bank holiday.



Day Time Room Running
MA4001 - Engineering Maths 1 Tuesday 6-7pm SG16 Wks 4-12
MA4003/5 - Engineering Maths 3 Monday   6-7pm

Week 7: S206

Weeks 9-12 KBG12

(See left)
MA4113 - Business Mathematics Tuesday 6-7pm S114 Wks 4-12
MA4601 - Science Maths 1 Tuesday 6-7pm S205 Wks 4-12
MA4701 - Tech Maths 1 Wednesday 6-7pm S115 Wks 4-12