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How Does it Work?

A typical MLC drop-in session begins with the student signing in on our PC and taking a seat. Once the student takes a seat and gets set up with any worksheets/lecture notes etc. they have brought with them they will usually be given the opportunity to work on their own, or for one of our tutors to sit down with them so that they can ask the tutor some questions (assuming that the tutors are not both busy with students already). Two tutors generally circulate the room and sit down with one student or a small group of students at a time. Once they have dealt with one group's issue they typically set another similar problem for that group to try and move on to the next student or group of students.

Students are invited to come to the MLC on their own or in a group. It is not necessary for a student to attend for the full 2 hour session, though they are more than welcome to do so if they wish. Some students only wish to call for 5 minutes to ask one question that they are finding difficult and students are more than welcome to do this. Ideally, if a student is finding mathematics very difficult, they should try to schedule an MLC drop-in session (or multiple sessions) into their own timetable so they have a routine of attending the MLC every week on one or more occassions. It should be noted that the MLC is solely an extra support, supplementing the learning achieved in lectures and tutorials and it is not a replacement for them. Students using the MLC for support are expected to have attended their assigned lectures and tutorials.

Overall the MLC is a friendly, non-judgemental, support service for students studying mathematics. We do not mind if someone needs help with basics, or is struggling ith some higher-order mathematics and we endevour to do our best to help every student that calls to the centre, regardless of their current level of mathematics or the issues they are having with mathematics.