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Exam Revision

The Mathematics Learning Centre runs examination revision programmes for various maths modules during week 13 of each semester. The provisional modules that we will be supporting in these classes for Autumun 2019/20 (December 2nd-6th 2019) are listed below (subject to change; updates may be made below closer to the time).

Module Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
MA4001 Engineering Maths 1 2-3pm Tuesday in DG016 9-10am Wednesday in CSG001 2-3pm Friday in DG016
MA4003 Engineering Maths 3 9-10am Tuesday in DG016 4-5pm Wednesday in DG016 12-1pm Thursday in CSG001
MA4113 Business Maths 11am-12pm Wednesday in CSG001 10-11am Thursday in CSG001 1-2pm Friday in CSG001
MA4601 Science Maths 1 4-5pm Monday in FG041 9-10am Wednesday in DG016 12-1pm Wednesday in DG016
MA4701 Technological Maths 1 5-6pm Monday in KBG12 11am-12pm Wednesday in DG016 n/a