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About Us

The purpose of the Mathematics Learning Centre is to support students' mathematics learning across all courses in UL by:

  • Providing a dedicated area with supervised access to help and resources
  • Delivering appropriate support services for students on service mathematics courses
  • Addressing the mathematics needs of special groups e.g. mature students, adult returners, transfer students, international students
  • Researching the needs of learners in terms of materials, pedagogy, delivery systems and other supports

The MLC collects data for administration and research purposes. Data provided by students at MLC services is used to produce end of year reports, to give the MLC information on what modules/courses are using the services most, and to analyse trends in student usage.

Research is also conducted by the MLC on a variety of mathematics education issues. For example, the MLC might research how effective it’s services are for mature students.

The MLC retains personal data for no longer than 12 months for administration purposes. Following this period the personal data is fully anonymised. All data is fully anonymised before any research takes place. A full policy document is available from the MLC manager on request.


NOTE that the MLC does not operate a grinds service.