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Student Testimonials

Razan Ibraheem, Journalist

MA ELT (MA TESOL) Class of 2011


One of the greatest experiences in my life both personally and professionally, has been doing an MA in English Language Teaching in University in Limerick.

I left Syria and joined the MA ELT course in 2011, coming from a very different culture and education system, and language background. The teachers, classmates and course coordinators did their best to make me feel at home and overcome challenges and difficulties.

The course is very well structured, educational and has a balance between theory and practice. I enjoyed every subject, project and presentation I did.

What I liked the most was the team spirit and the cooperation between the classmates and the teachers. I have met such amazing people from the course that i am still friends with them till today.

Joining MA ELT in UL was a turning point in my life as it opened many doors after I graduated. Although English is not my native language, I was able to find a teaching job in Ireland and I worked as an English teacher in a summer school before becoming an academic manager in a language school in Limerick.

The experience, knowledge and the excellent ELT materials I obtained from the course helped me a great deal in managing the school and understanding my students' and teachers' needs. Now, I am a journalist and a human rights activist. I will always carry my wonderful experience in MA ELT course in my heart and mind as it has been the reason for my success in life and work.