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Script Viewing July 2020



Script Viewing September 2018


**Covid-19 Update**


Due to current circumstances the procedure currently in place for script viewing will not be taking place this semester.


If students have queries in relation to their scripts, it is advisable to contact your lecturer directly.


Students have two weeks from the release date of results to seek feedback on their scripts from lecturers.


What should a student do if he or she is unhappy with a grade? 

Should a student consider that s/he may have been assigned an incorrect grade, a clear procedure is provided for in the Academic Regulations.  The student may request a  recheck of the grade within two weeks of the relevant semester results becoming available. To request a Grade Recheck or to appeal a recheck result, please follow the instructions available on the Academic Registry website and on Student Hub Online
It should be noted that, should the grade recheck so determine, grades may be changed to lower or higher grades.
You are required to follow this process.  
Should a student not be satisfied with the outcome of the grade recheck, s/he may appeal the matter to the Head of Department responsible for the module. The appeal must be made within two weeks of the publication of the grade recheck result. 
Please see Academic Registry for further information here
You are required to follow this process.