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School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, UL

(seminars held on Wednesdays of even weeks at 5.15pm, except where indicated)

Week 2 (16.09.15) [SG19]:
Jean E. Conacher (German). ‘Challenging the script? Transformation and education in GDR youth literature’

Week 4 (30.09.15) [S116]:
Maria Rieder (German). ‘Language Socialisation in the Face of Changing Social Networks: the case of the Irish Traveller Cant’

Week 5 (*Monday 05.10.15)*) Special Session [SG15]:
Carlos Gamerro (Writer, Argentina). ‘Jorge Luis Borges on James Joyce: exploring the links between Irish and Argentinian literature’

Week 6 (14.10.15) [SG21]:
Elaine Vaughan (TESOL and Linguistics). 'Tracing and exploring community and identity in language'

Week 8 (28.10.15) [SG21]:
Rebecca Breen (MIC). ‘The Gesture of the Weaver’: Domitila Barrios de Chungara, Aruma, and Transitions in Performative Testimony.

Week 10 (11.11.15) [SG21]:
Joachim Fischer (German). ‘A Limerick woman's travels to Germany in 1836’

Week 12 (24.11.15) Special Session[KBG10]
Theo D’haen (KU Leuven). ‘Major/Minor in World Literature’




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