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Ralahine Centre for Utopian Studies

Film screening and discussion


Les amants réguliers -

Regular Lovers

France 2006

Dir. by Philippe Garrell


 Venue: Ormston House, Limerick

Wednesday 9th May at 19:00

‘Regular Lovers probably gives a better idea of what the uprising was actually like, more faithful than the sexier, romanticised semi-celebratory fictions. Those were, to quote the old Chinese curse, interesting times, but there were periods of boredom, and hanging around at meetings and parties, and bad sex and bad drugs and a vast amount of hot air expelled by the revolutionaries and hangers-on who made it all possible. It is an interestingly un-rewritten kind of history that Garrel is creating here, and for all the poetic licence he awards himself, there is a notable absence of anything resembling nostalgia. The violence and inarticulate idealism, and the disappointments and frustrations of youth, are still swirling around in Garrel’s head, and he transfers them, almost unedited, onto the cinema screen.’ (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian, July 2006)


‘This is May ‘68 minus the politics – an outpouring of desire, a yearning for sensual utopia on earth – and, as such, it’s doomed. Garrel shows that the world after the revolt belongs to practical people with their feet on the ground. If someone other than this aesthetically radical director said so, it might seem reactionary, but here Garrel gives an original artistic form to his rueful view of his own youthful illusions.’ (The New Yorker)

The film will be introduced by Dr Michael G Kelly, School of Modern Language and Applied Linguistics, UL.


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