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Preview of Upcoming Events 2020/2021

Irish-German Encounters - Lecture by Dr Claire O’Reilly (UCC)

Claire O'Reilly

Dr Claire O’Reilly was the first PhD student in Irish-German Studies at UL and has been lecturing in the German Department in UCC since 2005. She was Assistant Professor (Juniorprofessur) in Intercultural Training and International Relations at Chemnitz University of Technology from 2002 to 2005. She is co-editor with Veronica O’Regan (UL) of Ireland and the Irish in Germany - Reception and Perception published by Nomos (2014).


Mid October 2020 - German-speaking academics in Celtic Studies – Prof David Stifter (NUIM)
Professor David StifterProf David Stifter is Professor of Old Irish at Maynooth University and works on language variation and change in Old Irish, comparative Celtic linguistics (esp. Old Irish and Continental Celtic), language contact in the ancient world and on the early medieval British Isles. He will talk about the German, Austrian and Swiss academics who played an important role in the establishment of Celtic Studies.


The support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the School of English, Irish and Communication, the Europe Initiative, the Glucksman Library, the Goethe Institut, the School of Law, the School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics, the AHSS Teaching Fund, the Dr Schuler Fund, the Austrian, German and Swiss Embassies in Dublin and the Irish Embassy in Berlin is gratefully acknowledged.

For more information please contact Dr Gisela Holfter, Director, Centre for Irish-German Studies, University of Limerick: +353-202395 or