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MLAL/CALS research seminar

Centre for Applied Language studies

An MLAL/CALS research seminar will take place on Thursday 25th October at 15.00 in C1079, as follows:


Language policy and planning in the Chinese context.



                                                                                                         Shujian Guo


This presentation will give an introduction to language planning and policy in China, focusing on history, current issues and the principles and philosophy which inform policy and planning in the Chinese context. The seminar will include discussion of phonological aspects, the writing system, language modernization and education policies. The presentation will also make reference to issues such as the role of government in LPP and the main factors which differentiate LPP in China from western cultural contexts.





Shujian Guo ( is a PhD candidate at Shanghai International Studies University, and currently a visiting researcher at the Centre for Applied Language Studies at  UL. His main research interest is language policy and new media and he is currently studying applications of corpus methodologies to language policy and planning research. He is also working on ways in which data from social networks and their linguistic features can shed light on political positions. Shujian Guo has also previously worked on the influence of Japanese dictionaries on Chinese legal terminologies in the1900s.